May 3, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Find a Good Search Engine Optimization Specialist

In order to find a good Search Engine Optimization Specialist, you need to look for the following qualities. If you specialist is missing any of them, head for the hills and run! It is more important than ever to be prepared, and find quality specialists to promote your business.

Look for:
1. Professionalism – Good Search Engine Optimization Specialists come in all shapes and sizes. From young to old, little to big, they are out there ready to help promote your business. However, not all are as professional as they should be. SEO requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and professionalism will show that they are taking you and your business seriously.

2. Organization – Effective search engine optimization is more than simple link building and Meta tags. It is an overall strategy that encompasses your entire business right from the code in the backend, to the way your company is blogged about in the social media. An organized SEO specialist is vital to keeping all things in order and keeping your goals on track.

3. Dedication – It can take well over 3 months for most SEO activities to begin showing effect, and it is important that you have an SEO Specialist who understands and appreciates this. Your SEO Specialist needs to see the project through to completion, and their full commitment and dedication is absolutely vital.

4. Passion – It can be tough to do a lot of the grunt work required in effective search engine optimization. Therefore, it is paramount that your specialist is passionate about all related activities; otherwise, you run the risk of “burn out” syndrome.

5. Creativity – Staying one-step ahead of Google is a major challenge, and it requires some seriously creative thinking. Make sure your SEO specialist is on top of the ball and can think creatively.

6. Experience – a minimum of 3 years experience should be sought after. Everyone and there dog claims to be a good SEO specialist these days, so it is important that you have someone who has had some solid experience in the industry.

7. References – Forget references, they are useless! No one is going to pass a bad reference to you, so do not waste your time. Meet the with SEO specialist, talk with them, and get a vibe – this is key!

8. Good Website – Look at the website of the Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Is it well laid out, organized, does it appeal to your senses? If so, go for it!

9. Caring and Compassionate – Make sure that the SEO specialist is caring and compassionate. These qualities are indicative of people who will work their tail off for you. They will treat your business as if it where their own.

10. Hire this guy! – In our own experience with SEO, we had the greatest success with Dean Horsfield out of Vancouver, Canada. He has helped us with everything from layout, to Meta data, to keyword optimization, and our success has been amazing. He works straight through the night if we need, and is always up-beat come morning. We thank him for everything he has done for our various websites. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Check him out yourself! – Remember, references are useless :)

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