Apr 28, 2010

Top 10 Greatest Tattoo Artists of All Time

1. Brandon Bond - For the last 16 years, Brandon has created some of the world's most recognized award winning tattoos. As an owner of the All or Nothing Tattoo, and Anti Art Elite in Atlanta, Georgia, he is one of the few artists who remains booked well over a year in advance.

2. Nick Baxter - Famous for his large scale color tattoos, Nick Baxter remains at the top of the charts due to his consistent attention to detail and willingness to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist.

3. Aaron Cain - for almost 20 years, Aaron Cain has led the biochemical tattoo artists to new heights with his beautiful art. Most recognized for his thick lines and hard edges, Cain continues to inspire future tattoo artists with his awe-inspiring creations.

4. Paul Booth - One of the most famous tattoo artists on the planet, Paul Booth is the household name that is synonymous with everything evil in the world. His lifelike portraits of the dark side have brought him to stardom with appearances on stations such as CNN, MSNBC, DISCOVERY, A&E, TLC, and MTV.

5. Carson Hill - Do not let his age fool you. At the age of 31, Carson Hill has become one of the most revered biochemical tattoo artists on the planet. His work is constantly improving, and his tattoos continue to bring new dimensions that other artists simply cannot match.

6. Bob Tyrrell - A late bloomer, Bob Tyrrell began tattooing at the age of 34. However, over the years he has become one of the most well known tattoo artists for his incredibly lifelike portraits. It is almost as if the faces are staring into your soul.

7. Mike DeVries - His color portraits, animals, and pinups are among the best in the world. The depth that he puts into his art makes you truly believe that they will pop right out of the skin.

8. Ryan Dearringer - With a solid belief that the tattoo artists are an artist first, and a tattoo artist second, he continually pushes the boundary of style and creativity with his amazing work. With a unique ability to blend the old-school styles with the new, I believe we have yet to see the true greatest that Ryan Dearringer has within.

9. Guy Aitchison - With work displayed in the top art and tattoo magazines, Guy Aitchison is among the world leaders in Biomech tattoos.

10. Jesse Nesse - Ranked as one of the top tattoo artists in his field, Jesse Nesse, is an absolute wizard in the art of cover up tattoos and custom color tattoos.


  1. Freddy Negrete is nowhere to be found on this list! Something is wrong with you! You must know nothing about tattooing!

  2. Making a top 10 of all times, will always be hard, and you can never make every body happy. With that being said, how can you call it top 10 of all times, when you only have American artist? I'm not hating, but that shit is just ignorant and narrow minded!!!
    At best this is a top 10 of the states!!!!