May 4, 2010

The Top 10 Beer Lover's iPhone Apps

1. iBeer - Brew and drink beer on your iPhone and iPod touch. "Best iPhone add-on" (CNN & New York Times) Also available: iBeerKeg™ for iPad. This hilarious visual gag behaves like a real glass of beer thanks to the iPhone sensors and the developer's spare time.

2. iBrewMaster - iBrewMaster is a fully functioning application for home brewers to manage the entire brewing process. Not only can you add, edit and manage your own recipes, iBrewMaster comes complete with 50 pre-installed recipes as well as hundreds of grains, hops and yeasts from around the world.

3. iBeers Pro - With over 2,700 different beers in its database, iBeers Pro is the definitive references for beer drinkers around the world.

4. Beer Match - Beer Match paired 31 beer styles from around the world with over 500 foods. A smattering of cheeses are included as well. What beer goes with the pretzels on the bar, all the way to that smoked salmon you're having for dinner.

5. Find Craft Beer - Find Craft Beer allows you to use your iPhone to easily find a place near you to get a Craft Beer.

6. Gallagher’s Beer Guide - Gallagher’s Beer Guide can help you discover lesser-known gems from brewers around the world. They believe there is a beer for everybody and want to be your on-the-go resource for finding and enjoying beers.

7. Guinness Pub Finder - There is something unmistakably refreshing about a nice, cold Guinness. The dark, chocolaty and rich beer has its devout following, enough to spawn an iPhone app dedicated to finding exactly where this draught is served. Another fun feature of this app is its “Six Steps to Creating the Perfect Pint” lesson.

8. Drink Fit - Drink Fit is a great app that provides users with full nutritional information for more than 1,600 drinks (including beer, cocktails, wine) and also offers a “My Night” feature where users can tally their caloric consumption for one evening of drinking. It’s a great app for anyone who is conscious about their dietary intake.

9. BeerCloud - Discover, select, and locate great beer with BeerCloud. “If you have this encyclopedic database on hand you can cheat on your go-to beer style with confidence."

10. Happy Houred - Users add local happy hours and the database continues to grow by the 1000's.

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