May 27, 2010

Top 10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

Exercise is only half the battle when it comes to weight loss. A healthy diet can be equally as important. And in that healthy diet is important that you are consuming the foods that will make your body become a fat burning machine. Listed below are some of the top 10 foods that will help you lose weight. Consume them, feel good about them, and cherish the sweet feeling that weight loss can bring!

1. Wine: Believe it or not, wine can actually help you lose weight, but only if it is consumed in moderation. A recent study has shown that people who drink one glass of red wine per day have a thinner waist than the people who drink no alcohol at all. The study did not indicate what would happen if you drank the whole bottle.

2. Green Tea: Most teas contain catechins, which can reduce the desire for carbohydrates. Drinking tea before a workout can also increase a persons metabolism and accelerate their body into fat burning mode.

3. Salmon: Is one of the best foods for reducing those ever present love handles. Salmon contains slow-digestion protein, calcium (contributes to weight reduction) and omega-3 fatty acids that lower greline (hunger hormone) levels and can help with controlling stress.

4. Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin C and an excellent fruit for fighting insulin spikes in the body. It will fill that sugar craving and reduce your desire for those evil sugary snacks.

5. Monounsaturated Fats: Olive oil, avocados, and nuts, are all excellent at helping with weight loss, and are also loaded with essential fats, proteins, and nutrients that the body needs. But again the key here is moderation. Don’t overdue it with any of these!

6. Oatmeal: This high fiber breakfast food will help you feel full longer, and reduce the likelihood that you will overeat later in the day.

7. Yogurt: According to an experiment conducted at the University of Tennessee. 34 obese individuals followed a low calorie diet. 16 of them received 400-500mg calcium in the form of a daily supplement. The other 18 received 1100mg of calcium from yogurt. At the end of the experiment, both groups had lost weight. However, the individuals who received the nutritional supplement only lost 0,63 cm from the abdomen and people who ate yogurt reduced their waistline by 4 whole cm!

8. Melon: Melon is not just the “fun” fruit anymore. It has now become a major contributor to weight loss when supplemented into a healthy diet. This is because melon is high in potassium that regulates the levels of sodium and combats swelling.

9. Walnuts: Studies have found that walnuts can lower the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol (which contributes to weight gain) because they contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

10. Wholemeal Bread: Not only is it high in fiber which helps you feel full longer. Researchers at the University of Penn found that people who eat 5 servings of whole grains, lost 24% more abdominal weight than those who ate the same calories.

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