Aug 24, 2010

Top 10 Stupidest Tourist Questions (Banff, Alberta)

In 2009 a survey was conducted amoung the tour operators of Banff, Alberta. It asked, “What are some of the most outrageous questions you have ever been asked by a tourist?” Below is a sample of the stupid questions the tour operators are asked each and every day..

  1. We are going into British Columbia. Do we need to change our money into Euros?
  2. Can we drive our car onto a glacier anywhere?s?
  3. If the Columbia Icefield melts before we get there, can we do a different excursion?
  4. At what elevation do the deer turn to elk?
  5. How much does that mountain weigh?
  6. Is this all natural?
  7. While working at the (Banff) Gondola on a rainy day I was asked to turn the fog off at the top so they could see."
  8. Can you guarantee wildlife sightings?
  9. Where is the rocky mountain?
  10. Where are the animals kept at night?

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