Apr 26, 2010

Top 10 Myths About the Female Orgasm

There is no short supply of myths about the female orgasm. So Top 10er has decided to eradicate a few of them so that you can go on enjoying your kick ass sex life!

The Top 10 Female Orgasm Myths

1. A woman must have an orgasm to feel sexually satisfied.

TRUTH: Most women would agree that orgasm is the icing on the cake, the truth is, it is not necessary. Many women report feeling just as satisfied after sex, even without orgasm. They often find that the emotional aspect is just as rewarding as the physical

2. Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms.

TRUTH: Every woman is different, and have varying preferences when it comes to orgasm. For some, vaginal intercourse is the only way that they can reach orgasm, while for others; they require manual stimulation of the G-Spot. It all comes down to knowing your body and what your body likes.

3. A circumcised penis decreases a woman’s ability to experience orgasm.

TRUTH – A circumcision has absolutely nothing to do with how a woman experiences orgasm. The reality is that a circumcision only removes a tiny portion of the skin at the front of the penis, and will have no effect on how you experience sex with a man.

4. Condoms affect a woman’s ability to orgasm.

TRUTH: Condoms come in so many shapes and sizes that even if there is one brand that reduces your sensitivity, you can always try one of the more extreme kinds in order to enhance your orgasmic experience. Many people report ribbed condoms as an effective method for increasing sexual excitement

5. The larger the penis, the greater the chance of female orgasm.

TRUTH: There are hardly any nerve endings in the far end of the vagina, so size truly does not make a difference. Given that the G-Spot is located about two inches deep within the vagina, the average-sized penis can stimulate it very easily. So what it really comes down to is how well he uses the size that he has.

6. A Women's desire for orgasm is not as strong as a man’s

TRUTH: Consider that a woman's clitoris contains as many nerves as the head of a man's penis, but are compacted into a much smaller area. The sensations she feels there can be very intense. Some women are also able to achieve multiple orgasms, whereas men are not as well equipped to do so.

7. Women Need it Hard and Fast to Achieve Orgasm

TRUTH: Every woman is different, and every woman requires different stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. The reality is that for some women, simple fondling the nipples can be enough to reach orgasm, while for others it can take hours of G-Spot stimulation.

8. Most Women Don’t Masturbate

TRUTH: 82% of women report having tried masturbation at least once in their life. While it is not for everyone, it can be an effective means of reaching orgasm on a regular basis.

9. All Females Can Have Multiple Orgasms

TRUTH: Some women will experience multiple orgasms on a regular basis, while for others this may never occur. The recovery time required for additional orgasms is often very short for females, but can be as long as 24 hours. It is perfectly normal to only achieve one orgasm on a regular basis.

10. Females cannot ejaculate.

TRUTH: Many people believe that women do not ejaculate. This is a myth; women do ejaculate, it is a non-lubricating fluid that is simply wet. It is a relatively new acknowledgment within the scientific community; however, there is plenty of evidence to support the claim.

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