Apr 15, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look Thin

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look Thin

1. Use vertical stripes - It is no secret that horizontal stripes can make your chest look bigger, and yes rotating those stripes can also make your waist look thinner. Making those horizontal stripes vertical can be just the key to making you look a little bit slimmer. So try out some pinstripe next time you head to the club.

2. Wear clothes that fit - Wearing clothes that are too small only serve one purpose; showing off your excess weight. I know that you may not want to admit that your size 2 doesn’t fit anymore, but the reality is, you will look a lot slimmer in a size that is appropriate for your new body shape.

3. Layer the top - Wearing light clothing such as a cardigan or blazer on top of your regular shirt is a great way to hide any extra fat, and give a more slender look. Try mixing and matching to find the perfectly slimming combination.

4. Grow a little - Using heals and high shoes helps make your legs look longer and creates a slimming effect for the overall body. You can get away with a broader mid section if you don’t look frumpy and short.

5. Toss the extras – It is the accessories that add extra weight to your overall look. Ribbons, bows, large belts, all add extra width to your overall frame. Try out some solid colors without too much extra design going on, and you will see a marked difference.

6. Jeans are all right – BUT… only if you wear them right. DO NOT wear jeans that are too short, too long (hem should just barely touch the floor), with a high waist, and/or with pleated fronts. DO wear dark jeans, boot cut, low rise, and/or properly hemmed denim. This will help you get the sexiest look.

7. TAN – Tanning for real, or with a self-tanner is one of the best ways to give your face, legs and torso a nice slender appeal. It is amazing what a bit of contrast from darker skin can do for your overall look and appeal.

8. Don’t think too much about it – The worst thing you can do is obsess about being overweight. This focuses your energy on problem areas, and inadvertently focuses other people’s attention on those areas. They may not have even noticed those love handles if you hadn’t opened your big fat mouth about it.

9. Choose proper shoes - Be sure to choose shoes that are a similar color to what you are wearing. Do not wear shoes that contrast with your outfit, such as red shoes with a black dress. In order to look slim you need to create a long sleek look with your outfit.

10. Wear black – It is depressing, but it works. Make yourself a classy black outfit, and watch those extra pounds disappear into the black abyss that is your new style.

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