Mar 23, 2010

The Top 10 Most Expensive Universities/Colleges in the USA (2009/2010)

You might have thought Harvard University would make the Top 10 most expensive College University in the USA. But you would be mistaken. Harvard did not even make the top 100!

The prices are quoted on a per year basis and include tuition + room and board. To attend a 4-year degree, students are looking at over $200,000 in costs before they graduate. This works out to roughly $6,250/month based on a standard 2 semester (8 month) school year.

These are the top 10 most expensive Universities and Colleges in The USA (Including Tuition + Room and Board)

1. Sarah Lawrence College $54,410
2. New York University $51,991
3. The George Washington University $51,730
4. Bates College $51,300
5. Skidmore College $51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University $51,190
7. Georgetown University $51,122
8. Connecticut College $51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College $51,037
10. Vassar College $50,875

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